Tuesday's results: photo (55)


I was really impressed by everyone's willingness to give some new stuff a try today - whether it was people who were pretty good at kicking up being brave enough to start trying negatives, people who had never been upside down before getting better in their tripods (or even bringing their legs up into headstands!), or people who thought that trying out some banded HSPUs looked fun - there were lots of folks stepping out of their comfort zones and getting inverted today, and it was awesome to watch! Strong work across the board.

Tomorrow will be another skill-dominant day, this time working on the snatch. The warm-up will include a ton of OHS work in order to get everyone a little more comfortable in that position. We'll do some skill and technique work with the hang power snatch, get everyone to a very manageable weight, then class will culminate in 2 hang power snatches every minute on the minute for 8:00. Easy day!

Get ready for all sorts of fun stuff like this tomorrow: