Today was a lot of fun! If you particularly enjoyed that warm-up/mobility/stability session, I would encourage you to check out - a lot of the things we did were borrowed from them, and you can find some answers on their site to questions like, "why did I feel like I was breathing better and moving easier after bear crawling on a plank?" A very legitimate inquiry. Also good stuff if you're looking to keep moving on rest days or while traveling, or even just while hanging out on the beach.

Move well, then move often.


Muscle-ups and progressions


5 rounds for time: 10 hollow rocks 5 muscle-ups (or progression) D&B KB walking lunge

This is likely relevant to your interests - this year's Fittest Woman doing muscle-ups in slow motion back in 2011. She's made some quad gainz since then. Not the most perfect reps, but still useful to see just how helpful a kip can be. Ideally you will all be a bit better in pulling the rings to your sternums tomorrow, rather than directly to your armpits, as she's doing here. She's tired, so we'll cut her some slack.