Workout of the Day: Cindy "XXX"

20 min time cap

10 pullups 20 pushups 30 squats

15 pullups 30 pushups 45 squats

20 pullups 40 pushups 60 squats

25 pullups 50 pushups 75 squats

30 pullups 60 pushups 90 squats

Of course you can keep going......

*Please play this while reading*


A spin on a classic, more, more, more of everything we love about Cindy, except you can't pace yourself.  More volume, more burn, more of Coach Jenny's evil-ness to get us body weight ready for the Open, which, coincidently, we can sign up for on Thursday 1/15/15. (Click link- we've made it easy for you.  Yes, you.).  20 minutes to chip away, take this one in manageable chunks.  Once the pullups or pushups fade, they're going to take a while to come back, so don't get too ahead of yourself early.  Maintain midline, harness your breath with every movement (which will improve cadence as well) and make each rep count.