Workout of the Day A. Strict Press 5 x 5


B. 100 Sit Ups and 1 Mile Run


Let's focus today on our maintenance of midline stability during our press prep and execution.  Midline stability, or maintenance of our neural spine position, is essential for loading, muscle activation and force transfer.  Our goal is to achieve a full overhead reach/press without disturbing our spine and torso carriage.  For some this comes naturally, for some we have to work on it and develop it over time.  5x5  isn't a terribly heavy load, gives us some time, and practice, to properly coordinate the movement. Check out the video from, taken during their Level 1 Training Course, that highlights these concepts and subtle fixes.  Then, we'll use that stable core position (if we can find it again after 100 sit ups!) on our run to optimize force production and transfer into the ground.  Like a gazelle.