IMG_5909Mashing Madness. All kinds of supple fun this weekend as a big part of our coaching and PT staff went through the CrossFit Movement and Mobility Specialty Cert at CF UP.   Great info, great course, and more mobility "fun" to pass on to all of you!

Total!  Total!  Total!

Tomorrow is the CrossFit Total.  1 Rep Max (RM) Back squat, Deadlift and Press.  It's been a while, so now is your perfect chance to get your numbers as a baseline or see how much you've progressed since you last completed the Total.  We have 60 minutes to get you prepped and through 3 lifts, so get in early, get after the warm up, and make it count!  Your coaches will be there to keep you safe and help you hit your PRs.


Workout of the Day

CF Total

1 RM Back Squat

1 RM Deadlift

1RM Press