IMG_5876Squat Prep: yep, it's for everyone.  Coaches lead by example. Today's blog post is courtesy of Coach Daigle.  If you missed his FB post this afternoon, here's your chance to soak it up.  Daigle coaches Thursdays at 8am, 5:30 and 6:30pm.

"Coach Daigle here. Last week we talked to you guys about virtuosity–doing the common, uncommonly well. We do a really good job of that at CrossFit UP, because you all move so well. Now it's time add the next piece: Intensity.

In CrossFit, intensity is exactly equal to power output. That's what we measure in our workouts. Whether it's a 1-rep max deadlift, a hero workout, or a benchmark like Fran or Helen, the time, weight, or rounds/reps are measuring your power output. Intensity is what makes your lungs feel like they are on the outside of your body, covered in salt and vinegar. Its also where we adapt the quickest in the glyoclytic pathway (remember the graph?).

There's no shortcut or secret to this, it's just doing more work per unit of time (power = [Force x Distance]/time). Here's the hard part: It hurts. It's that uncomfortable, drowning, gasping for air feeling. If you've never felt like that, you haven't gone "to the place" yet. That's ok, we're here to help you get there.

Coach Greg Glassman said, "Be impressed by intensity, not by volume." Meaning we're more impressed by how hard you can go than by how long, specifically because that's where the largest adaptation to exercise happens–intensity is the key piece there.

Of course, all workouts depending on loads and lengths have variable intensity. Intensity is relative, too. Meaning your max intensity and Rich Froning's max intensity will feel the same each of you respectively, but Rich is putting out more power. That's the best part. You both feel the same thing, and get the same benefit from it regardless of your current capability. The only requirement is that you actually push yourself that hard. When you do, you'll get better at everything the fastest.

A few things are obvious about intensity–i.e. you'll know it when you see it. Your technique will degrade just a bit (and that's ok). You will not look pretty, stoic, or invincible. If you look composed at the end of a workout, you weren't really that intense. You shouldn't be able to immediately carry on a conversation afterwards. These are all telltale signs of going to "the place." This is part and parcel to what makes CrossFit so effective, and so much different than other strength and conditioning programs.

Intensity is another skill to be learned. All the coaches are here to help you learn it. After mechanics and consistency–and most of you are there–comes intensity. If you'd like to discuss intensity (or anything!) grab me after class or shoot me a message!

Since personally, I'm really good at looking like hell while working out, I'd like to share some particularly flattering photos I managed to dig up. Now, looking this way doesn't mean your intensity is high, but NOT looking this way probably means your intensity could be higher. I'm challenging you guys to beat these pain faces!"


Thanks Daigle!

Now, with that in mind, here's the WOD for tomorrow.  Get to that dark place!

Workout of the Day


Hang Power Clean & Jerk 115/75#