IMG_4818All in. Coaches Eddie and Dusty, and joined by DPT therapist Ashleigh, getting after the spicy wall ball/pull up workout.  Team members who work and play together have more fun! At CFU, we're all in.  We think about movement and performance, we WOD whenever we can, we attack our weaknesses and practice what we preach.

Summer is upon us, and it means different things to everyone; more time, beach time, summer vacation, early morning surf sessions.  Whatever it means in terms of activity, we're here to help you get active, get fit and crush your summer fun.  This coming month we're going to be focusing more on pulling off the ground, double unders, and gymnastic skills and kips to build efficiency.  Remember, this is all about the journey , so let's continue to progress you one step at a time closer to virtuosity.  Haven't nailed that starting pull position due to tightness?  Get after it and use it this month.  Double unders still eluding you?  Spend some extra time before/after class or come to open gym, get through a workout RX using them.  Let's work on connecting pull ups and toes to bar and get ready to crush that first muscle up or maybe even link a few together.  Time spent improving your capabilities in here will pay off in spades out there.

Oh, and another thing.  Write up a new goal for June because I KNOW FOR A FACT that some of you already achieved your goals last month.  Take a pic, post it on your wall/instagram/#whateveryouwant, be accountable and make it happen.  We're here with you.

Workout of the Day

A: strict press





wall balls 20/14#