IMG_4823Raise your hand if you love the Get UP!!!!  Meg, Sonja, Peter and Leigh dialing it in during the noon class. Asymmetries are rarely beneficial for us in the majority of cases in life and CrossFit.  As we utilize movements like the Turkish Get Up, pistols, 1 leg DL, and others, we not only expose an asymmetry, but we address it as well.  Consistent practice and attention will abolish these asymmetries over time.  Goal is an "A," 90% or better between sides.  Can you do a TGU with 35# on both sides or is it 35# R, 18# L?  The latter is a big problem.  Balance it out, reap the benefits.  Now onto some movements that really demand both sides working in tandem.


Workout of the Day


5 Rounds for Time:

5 muscle-ups

10 squat cleans 135/95