11168382_371334203062834_5441733425769893458_nFull Support.  Eddie making sure Kevin gets his WOD in, swapping shirts to make it happen.  We got your back to help you reach your goals.  

Workout of the Day

Skill: Double Under Practice


5 Rounds for Time

400m. run

60 DU’s

20 sit-ups


Check out his video of CF athlete Julie Foucher.  After suffering a partial Achilles tear in event 3 of the Central Regionals, she put on a boot and went after Event 4, a 250m handstand walk.  Competing as she can, but clearly not able to continue and qualify.

This is a great lesson, in many ways, for all of us.  A lot of things get in our way in training and in life.  Shoot for it all "as RX," but be ready to scale as appropriate.  For most of us, CF is about improving ourselves, seeing what we're made of and making the rest of life that much better.   Push yourself when you can, back off when you need to.  It's all about sustainability for us.  Everything has a cost/benefit ratio, let's maximize the benefit, and having the right attitude will carry you a long way.