FullSizeRender 3Just hangin' with friends at CF UP!  Still had enough energy for shenanigans after that spicy WOD- you guys are friggin' awesome! Great seeing everyone today, it was nice to see some faces I hadn't seen in a while!  Vacations, schedules, whatever-reasons-that-might-be, I still look forward to stepping foot in the gym EVERY DAY and seeing each and every one of you.  Thanks for being a part of our community, sharing it with your friends and family and allowing us to be a part of your day.

For tomorrow, we're giving our lactate threshold a giant kick in the face.  Go like a bat out of hell, you'll get 1:1 rest.

And, tomorrow (snif), is Grace's last WOD with us at CF UP.  She's moving to Truckee over the weekend, so we're doing a social following the 5:30pm class.  Join us to sweat, smile and fitness with Grace!

Workout of the Day

Core Tabata

Max unbroken push ups


2:00 x 12 rounds

row for calories