IMG_5710Meg and Aaron gettin' some air last week with their box jumps.  Rockin' the RX!  Not to mention Meg's hair whip every time (sorry Aaron, she's got you there!). As you may have noticed, there has been a lot more focus on strength and Olympic lifting the last few weeks.  As you may or may not know, there is a reason.  OK, virtuosity is always a great answer, but more immediately, we're building to an Olympic Total (1 RM Clean and Jerk and 1 RM Snatch) at the end of the week.  As we get more familiar with the lifts, learn and practice the Burgener on our own even, we can start to focus on the finer points, and further break down the components of the lifts.  So, if you think we're just talkin' funny, there really are things called a "halting snatch deadlift" and a "snatch pull," and we'll be covering those tomorrow.  Watch the videos below from Catalyst Athletics.

Back to "objective, measurable, repeatable" for a second.  This is an excellent opportunity to get some data points on our lifts for the end of the week.  Then, as you progress in CF, you can track your progress, and should be regularly in a log book, log app, or, at minimum, on our PR list on the wall.  Just so happens we'll be starting a cycle of strength/Oly in our Oly class with Coach Kat on 9/1 (Tue and Th at 4:30pm if you haven't been yet, or practice on your own during Open Gym), which will give great markers of where you're starting.  Get some data, then crush your PR.  Cycle.  Repeat.  Isn't this fun?!?!?


Workout of the Day



1 halting snatch deadlift

1 snatch pull


As far as possible in 6 min:


KBS 53/35#

Box jumps 24/20