Eddie Approved! The only RX taker for the whole day, Coach Eddie showing us the possibilities.  Notice the ground is cracked under the plates there?  Yeah, that happened each rep with the squat clean.  It's heavier than he made it look! IMG_3945

Great turn out today giving this workout a go.  Great way to start off the week!


Workout of the Day

A:~15 min free-standing handstand practice


B: AMRAP 7 min

7 Deads 185/125#

7 bar-facing- burpees

It's only 7 minutes.  A lot can happen in 7 minutes, remember the Open Workout 12.1? Well, for some more than others.  Go hard, get some rounds in.

But first, let's practice the next step in our handstand progression, the free standing handstand.  If you have wall handstands, try these out!  Wherever you are in your progression from plank to wall walk to free handstand pushups (don't worry, those aren't coming yet), try to take it one step further.