IMG_5157GOOOAAAALLLLLL!!!!!  In the spirit of the Women's World Cup, excuse the excitement.  But I'm not talking about those goals.  I'm talking about YOUR goals.  Yes, I took them down, but not to de-value them, just to allow us to put a timeline on goals and highlight achievements a little more clearly. Goals are important in driving our progression.  My goal is Virtuosity in all movements, but that is, perhaps, a lifelong goal.  So along the way I need data points for reference and to ensure I'm on my way.  I encourage all of you, before the end of next week to write a goal for July, even if it is a stretch goal.  Did you hit your goal or achieve another milestone?  Write it on the board, tell your friends, put it on FB/insta/twitter, and get as many High 5's as possible.

6 months of 2015 left.  Let's make the most of it.


Workout of the Day

A: 1 Hang power snatch, every 45 sec x 15


B:  find 3rm front squat (Compare to 1rm on 04/27)