[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i273c36qsRE[/embed] Part of Greg Glassman's "World Class Fitness in 100 words" includes "regularly learn and play new sports."  This also applies to learning new skills, as it urges us to "master the basics of gymnastics."  One of the greatest parts of CrossFit is I feel I can always learn to do something better, and I strive to constantly do so.  Tomorrow we get the chance to challenge, and possibly even learn a few new skills we may not know we've had: Bar muscle ups and handstand walking.  As always, modifications are available, but let's take some time to practice taking our skill progressions one step further, one step closer to an RX, one step closer to virtuosity.


Skill: Handstand practice/shifting weight hand to hand/shoulder taps in handstand


5 rounds for Time:

5 bar muscle-ups*

20’ Handstand walk

*bar mu scale: 2:1 pullups & dips (10/10). *Handstand walk scale: 20 shoulder taps inverted on box.