Santa Cruz Workout - 20 Today, CrossFit UP strength coach Tyler Miller launched our Barbell Club with a tremendous turnout!  Our members, some friends and our barbells were hungry for weight, we near ran out.  Big numbers being posted for our 3RM, despite not going heavy all too often the last few months.  We're excited about this offering and what it will bring to our gym, our members and our strength.  If you missed out, the class will be held each week Tuesday and Thursday at 4:30pm and Sundays at 11:00am, jump in any time.  Whether you're a regular or once a week to spend some extra time under the barbell, we can all benefit.  Tyler has a plan to get CF UP strong, "in Tyler we trust."  (name that movie!)

Speaking of trust; a very wise and awesome coach, you may know here as Jenny Lau, once told me that we all have to trust the process, "trust that CrossFit works."  I, along with many of our other members who were at the strength class today, were reminded of this when going for our 3RM deadlift as it was damn close to our 1 RM from the total a few months back with more left in the tank (like >90%, meaning what my 1RM was a few months ago is no longer my true 1RM).  Despite personally not dedicating much time to strength training, and with life being crazy busy and my training taking a back seat most weeks, I have gotten stronger.  I have gotten fitter.  Thank you, Jenny, for the reminder:) I hope you all have, too!

That brings me to my next point.

Tomororw's WOD gives us two chances to compare and assess our fitness to prior workouts.  Of course, this implies that we performed both, but hey, hopefully you've completed one of these. If not, where have you been- get in here!

7min AMRAP

7 hang power clean 155/105#

7 box jumps 24/20”

Rest 7min, then

7min (12.1)max burpees

*compare 1st amrap to 123114 and the second to 12.1

Bring your A-game!