After declaring war on your shoulder last week, I thought we'd change gears a bit and focus on lighting up your back porch this week. Excellent job on rising to the challenge this week. A lot of tough workouts and skill but a lot of PR's too. That's a testament to the hard work all of you have put in. So after a week of going heavy we're going to go light today (relatively) and knock out a good ol' fashion chipper.

Chi-pp-er: /ch'ip'r/ - noun

1. A WOD consisting of multiple movements

2. A WOD which may or may not have several reps to go along with the several movement

3. Something that looks like it would only be a good idea to do as a team

2009 Crossfit Games Chipper

Teams of 2

30 min cutoff For time: 15 H. Cleans 30 Toes-to-Bar 30 Box Jumps (24″/20″) 15 Ring Rows/Push Ups 30 Dumbbell Push Press (40 / 25 lb) 30 Double-unders 15 Thrusters (H.Clean weight) 30 Pull-ups 30 Burpees 300′ Overhead Walking Lunges (45 lbs/25 lbs)