Building Better, More Capable Humans

Since 2013

When we opened CrossFit UP inside DeWitt Physical Therapy's new space in 2013,  our vision was to combine our passions for injury prevention, movement correction and CrossFit training.  As an extension of our philosophy of treatment at DeWitt PT, the same principles of human movement restoration that are stressed in rehabilitation are implemented daily with our athletes at UP.  We believe movement is a skill that needs to be practiced, refined and reinforced regularly to maintain our functional abilities, and this belief is a key component to longevity and sustainability in any fitness program.

Today, we have amassed a group of passionate coaches driven by the desire to build better athletes and more capable humans.  CrossFit UP pulls from the best of rehabilitation, movement correction and performance enhancement to create a complete training program focused on movement, resiliency and athletic performance.  No matter your starting or current fitness level, our signature blend of PT-inspired corrective programming with responsible and challenging CrossFit training is designed to build proficient movement patterns necessary to move safely, crush personal records and enhance your active lifestyle.

CrossFit UP Fundamentals Program

New to CrossFit, or just need a thorough refresher?

Our CrossFit UP Fundamentals Program was developed by our expert coaches and physical therapists with your safety and long-term success in mind.  The program consists of six classes exposing new members to a vast variety of movements common to CrossFit training while gradually increasing your exercise intensity.  You will also become familiar with our class flow and warm ups, and is an opportunity to problem solve your movement restrictions and identify appropriate substitutions to employ in our regular classes.




Functional Movement Screen

Included in all membership levels, we utilize the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) with all of our athletes as a screening tool to identify limitations or asymmetries in seven fundamental movement patterns that are key to functional movement.  We also use Move2Perform, a movement measurement and analysis tool that identifies deficits and risk of injury, to analyze your FMS results and give you a customized corrective program based on your limitations.  This is also available to athletes outside of CrossFit UP for a fee.




What Is CrossFit?