image 4Da Boyz at 5:30 having a little too much fun on the rings. The muscle up has been, and continues to be, a body weight competency marker.  For some, the quest has yet to deliver a successful rep.  For others, they pop right up on top.  The journey may vary, but the skill can always be refined and improved on our quest for virtuosity.   Whether you just got a solid front support on the rings for the first time or learned to link 5 together, you're one step closer.


Workout of the Day

Skill: Pistol Practice


5 Rounds for Time

21 weighted step-ups 20/14# to 24/20”

15 sit-ups

9 Russian KBS 70/53#


The pistol eludes many of us due to flexibility, strength or a combination of the two.  Having full strength through available range of motion is important, and the pistol is punishing to limitations and highlights asymmetries in the lower extremity.  Check out this Mobility WOD video on the pistol and squat test.  Oh, and did you hear?  We're hosting a CrossFit Movement and Mobility course this fall, September 26th at CrossFit UP.  For more information, click here.