4 Rounds

5 P. Snatch


10 Push Ups

Rest 3 min

3 Rounds

7 P. Cleans

7 P. Press

14 F. Rack Walking Lunges

Rest 2 min

2 Rounds

10 Burpees

10 Box

CrossFit Journal article

Finding a balance between technique and intensity is one of the things that separates good trainers from great trainers, and it’s one of the keys to getting optimal results from the CrossFit program.

According to Greg Glassman, “control” is just another thing that can be stressed to produce favorable adaptations, just like your cardiorespiratory system must be stressed to produce greater endurance. The ability to maintain greater control at higher speeds must be trained, and CrossFit will help you do that. As you develop better technique and control at high speeds, your power output will increase.

As an analogy, consider a typing test: an outstanding score is a combination of great speed and precise accuracy, and the goal is to improve the output both through practice and training. Working with weights is very similar.

“No one has ever suggested in any endeavor that the best accuracy came about, the highest overall proficiency ever came about, by never testing the speed of the movement.”