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Overhead Shoulder Position

A Movement Clinic For Athletes and Coaches

Thursday, February 15th 2018 at 7pm at CrossFit UP

With Ryan DeWitt, PT and Debbie Steingesser, E-RYT


Move Better, Perform Better is a series of workshop style clinics co-created by Physical Therapist/Coach, Ryan DeWitt and Yoga Teacher/Coach, Debbie Steingesser. Both Ryan and Debbie share a love for helping individuals achieve their athletic and personal goals by establishing more efficient movement patterns. In each workshop, you will be guided through simple assessments, corrections, and preparations to ensure proper movement preparation, injury prevention, and ultimately, optimize performance.

Each interactive one-hour clinic has a specific positional focus in order to ensure adequate time to test/re-test and discuss individual needs. The premier clinic on Thursday, Feburary 15th at CrossFit Up explores the overhead position. Ryan and Debbie will address assessments, warm-ups, mobility, activation, and cool-downs specifically related to pressing overhead, hanging on a pull up bar, or simply spending time in downward dog. If your neck, shoulders, and upper back have been giving you grief, or you simply want to lift more weight, this is the clinic for you.

Space is limited to 30 participants.  Click here link to register!