PhotoGrid_1426225561549 Some of you may have seen this bearded man hanging around the gym and PT clinic the last couple  of weeks.  You may have even seen him lift a lot of weight (or heard him put it back down).  We are excited to make the formal introduction of Tyler Miller to the CrossFit UP Team!

Tyler is a native of Santa Cruz with a strong athletics background including football and wrestling which gave him ample exposure to strength training.  The past 5+ years, Tyler has been learning, coaching and focusing on all things strength, including power lifting, Olympic lifting and strength sports.  He brings his passion and enthusiasm, along with his big smile and strong grip, to CrossFit UP to foster a culture of strength development in our program offerings.

Starting Tuesday, March 17th, Tyler will be starting our Strength Program, focused on helping our members improve and refine their barbell skills.  Whether your goal may be to up your lifts or be more technical in our CF WODs, this is where some magic will happen as Tyler will guide you though the ins and outs of dedicated strength training.  The class will meet weekly at 4:30pm at CF UP and we hope to get you under a bar and hitting PRs!  Contact us at for more information.