IMG_5817Get UP and git, git, git Down, big things happening at UP today.  Movement, magic and triumph! Sonja over the bar and Anthony down low. "How do you eat an elephant?"  I'm sure you've heard this one.  "One bite at a time."  CrossFit is the same.  Mastering all 10 physical attributes is daunting, but little by little we get closer.  We work on our mobility, our gymnastics, our endurance, our strength, and one day we achieve.  The last couple of weeks we've been seeing "firsts" on a near daily basis.  Many of our athletes have been more regular in their training, even going unlimited over the summer, utilizing open gym and our skill clinics, and it's starting to pay off.  Get in, work hard, and find our where your fitness can get to.


Workout of the Day

Skill: agility drills


WOD:  AMRAP 8 min

8 power clean 135/95

16 lateral jumps over bar