FullSizeRender 26David UP high and Paul getting low this am, crushing it. Plentiful Opportunities.

We had a lot of skills to cover in today's WOD, challenging mobility, stability, coordination, and muscular endurance to name a few attributes.  I saw some amazing lightbulb moments and dots being connected.  Regular practice of movement patterns that challenge us is how we learn.  If it's "hard," it's an opportunity to learn and improve, and will be easier each successive attempt.  Try, study, try again, ask a coach, do some research, and try again = skill acquisition.  This may even lead to bad-assedness, but no promises there, but every WOD/strength class/open gym is an opportunity.

Workout of the Day

Skill: Row technique


2 rounds

500 m. row

20 thrusters

400 m. run

20 burpees

rest 2:00

Some technique knowledge bombs from Concept 2: