FullSizeRender 21Eddie, in a deep power stance. Narrow grip, "wriggly" weights, NBD! Tomorrow, we SNATCH!  We're working towards an Olympic Total, so we'll be spending some more technique time on developing different stages of the Snatch and Clean and Jerk.  Tomorrow, we pull from the floor but finish in a power stance (not as deep as Eddie's above, and no, he didn't snatch my kids!).  We'll review and drill the steps, looking to fine-tune each component.  Jenny and Eddie will have you dialed! Check the stages below and study UP, there might be a test.

Workout of the Day

A: Heavy single in 15 min: Power Snatch


B: 21-15-9

Power snatch

Lateral bar over burpees


Bam!  Quick Primer- you'll be seeing this.


Start in deadlift set up but with hands set wide


Deadlift bar to mid-thigh, knees move back with shoulders and hips rising at the same rate


At mid-thigh rapidly extend the knee and hip to full extension. Arms straight


Once the shoulders have passed behind the bar, pull elbow high and outside allowing bar to stay close to the body.


Then turn the bar over and punch it into the overhead position with active shoulders and arms locked out. Land in a partial overhead squat.