IMG_4584Let's hear it for the Home Team!  Local athlete and friend of DPT here with Coach Dusty, Debbie is competing this week in the CF Games in the 60+ Masters Women's division.  We're inspired by the effort put in by all athletes, all the time, and it inspires us to help make you all better and successful in any way we can.  Be sure to keep tabs on her and other local athletes this week! When it comes to running, a lot of us think we know how to do it.  We've been doing it since we were little, probably without much coaching.  Problem is, most tend to do it incorrectly, which can lead to injury through inefficient mechanics.  CF has long been influenced by the Pose method, so here is a primer as to the basics.


And from Brian MacKenzie of CF Endurance, a longer explanation:

Now, there are a lot of ways to run better, more efficiently, and sometimes these are very individual.  But let's talk about it and see where we can go from here.  If we approach running as a skill and focus on each foot strike, our cadence and our pull, we can improve our technique and grease a movement pattern, just like any other movement we perform in CF or in life.  Watch kids run, barefoot.  Pretty magical, and it should look like that!


Workout of the Day

Skill: Running Technique


5 Rounds for Time

12 power clean 135/95

400 m. run