11141309_369887086540879_1827044769775265247_oGettin' gymnasticy in the early am,  Curt and Nic go for a "walk" with their new talents. Learn. Improve. Apply.  Sound familiar?  Core strength, shoulder strength and integration, balance, proprioception and some nerve will combine to produce the movement as desired.  All those pieces we work on, practice, repeat, in warm ups, in skill work, in workouts, all get us closer to virtuosity and our first (enter PR here).  Every little bit counts.

Tomorrow we're going big.  Pull from the hang-explode-catch in a squat big.  Get under it, catch it, write it down.  Then we'll get some volume with the EMOM to bolster our strength so our next run at full cleans is better than the last.

Get in. Lift big.  Be happy.


Workout of the Day

A: Hang (sq.) clean 3-3-2-2-2, Increasing weight to heavy double.


B: EMOM 12min: 3-2 sec. pause front squats @ 60% of 2rm hsc


Quick, simple video from Rogue Fitness and Matt Chan.  Get clean tomorrow!