11428056_375974135932174_1877202190610888446_nSaturday Speed Blur Warm Up.  Getting ready for Eddie's spicy WOD. A proper warm up is essential to optimum performance in the workout.  Your body needs to be run through a series of movements from simple to complex to understand the demands you're about to ask of it.  Over time, this strengthens neural connections, "greases the groove" and gets us one step closer to virtuosity.  Med ball toss looks easy, but it is activating your core, preparing your hips and muscles for loading any squat movements.  Don't think about it too hard, that's our job.  The devil is always in the details.

Skill: Kipping for bar muscle up/pull up/T2B or hanging knee raise


WOD: AMRAP 12min 2 Bar Muscle Ups

6 Handstand Push Ups

8 Sumo DL 225/155#