IMG_4603"Tall Jeff," standing tall during Monday's DL/Box Jump/Run WOD.  Nic and the Brothers Ellison finding their jumping rhythm. Sometimes we spend a lot of time going UP: jumping UP on boxes, standing UP with our weights, and climbing UP ropes.  (See what I did there?).  On Tuesday and again tomorrow we're working on getting UNDER the bar, this time with the Squat Snatch.  Powerful out of the hips, float the bar and get under it to receive it.  As quickly as you explode to pull that bar up, change direction and go right back down.  Hint: you should drop faster than the bar does.

Workout of the Day

A: 2 RM hang squat clean


B: 3 rounds for time

30 air squats

30 hollow rocks

3 rope climbs