image 5Loki, breaking down the C&J this past Saturday.  Guy's class with Barry, Anthony, Aaron and Ryan (with Eddie). Making progress with our training, especially higher skill movements, takes clear instruction and time to practice.  Sometimes we just get a taste in our daily WODs, and it takes a ton of consistency, or luck of the draw, to get a lot of practice.  Take advantage of the Strength Class and Open Gym time to progress your skills that keep you awake at night, and dominate your next lift.  We're here to help you improve, progress, and crush your PRs, and so are you.


Workout of the Day

AMRAP 14 Min:

14 pistols (7/side alternating)

40’ handstand walk


The handstand walk.   This is where we see if all that time inverted converts.  This takes strength, balance and a bit of courage.  If you're not there yet, we'll scale it appropriately.  Let's build towards this body weight competency.  Here's a little "How To" preview from CF HQ.