10476606_351875298342058_6066705709343371426_nFocus and determination.  Neno, all business with 15.5.  Must've been the round of 27, we look a little too fresh, huh? 2nd quarter of 2015 starts.............. NOW!

Workout of the Day

A:  Max height Box Jump


B:  8 rounds for time

10 Air Squats

10 Push Ups

10 Sit-Ups

Body weight day!  Did you max out your body weight squat yesterday, now it'll be that much easier with only you to move around.  Movement competence is proven with body weight x 1, AKA you without load.  Clean it up, move through full range and make it perfect, then do it again.

The CrossFit UP Barbell Club has been getting after it and leaving shaking the building.  Coach Tyler has been moving through the big 3 lifts (Deadlift, Press and Squat) while mixing in accessory work and sprinkling in some bad ass-ery.  I expect everyone's CF Total numbers to be UP next time we run it!