imageSome goals are short term, others long for the future.  Dave knocks out his Muscle Up goal he wrote on the board just last week in today's WOD with Eddie.  Great work, Dave! As we spoke of the other day, goal setting is super important as it helps focus and direct our training.  Do us a favor and circle your goal on the board when you complete it- that way we can see who achieved one of their written goals.  Dave- it's time to write another goal!

Workout of the Day:

12 min AMRAP:

12 deadlift 225/155

42 double-unders* (*du mod= 20 attempts)

12 pistols (alternating)

This triplet has 2 movements that usually throw a wrench in most workouts: double unders and pistols.  Hold yourself true and we'll reward you, DU attempts count towards your total.  With the pistols, chose the sub that is right for you, meaning it is challenging, but successful.  Achieving a full pistol puts you in the category of having body weight strength and movement competency, what we should all be striving for!  Mobility issues, especially of the ankles, and make these near impossible, so get those sorted.  Not sure if it's your hips or ankles?  Check our squat fix videos on FB or click the link to the suspected body part.  Eddie helped me with some videos to give a short version of our squat clinic from a few weeks back.  Need more specific help?  Well, that's what we do next door at DPT.  Maturing a squat takes time and patience.  Let's get you there.