Nic 15.1Nic, standing tall with his second run at 15.1a with a 205# C&J (with ripped hands, might I add). Workout of the Day for Wednesday 3.11.15

A: clean pulls 5x2

Then B: 21-15-9

Front squats 135/95#

Lateral burpees-over-bar


Somewhere between the floor and the knees is where things can go wrong.  We've spent a lot of time recently working on all technical aspects of our Olympic lifting, but tomorrow we're going to focus in on our clean pulls.  Work on mechanics, keeping the bar moving, and maybe even up to a weight you wouldn't think of trying to get up to your shoulder.  Check the video for a quick Demo.


Inspired?  Yeah, thought so.  Starting next week, CrossFit UP will be starting a Strength Program with Tyler Miller.  Purely focused on strength/powerlifting/oly, Tyler's class will add the focused strength portion that some of our members have been asking for, without the runs and metcons!  It all starts Tuesday at 4:30pm.  Email us for more info at  Stoked to have Tyler on board with us!