Workout of the Day: A: Core work

50 Med Ball situps

50 med ball russian twists

50 V-ups

50 reach thru’s (in side plank)



E3MOM 15 min

400 m. run

We've been doing a lot of these "core circuits" lately, have you noticed?  These in particular are focused on the anterior core, even working in the transverse plane (read: rotation), to fill in some gaps that are commonly not addressed by more traditional programming.  As movements in CrossFit tend to be dominated by pulling (Dead lift, Oly, back squat, etc) and are typically symmetrical, we need to restore balance to our front/back core activation.  Just as we work in single arm, single leg work into our warm ups and accessory work, we try to work your anterior core to maintain this balance.   It's not all about 6 packs, it's about protecting our spine so we can lift heavy things and do cool stuff.  Yes, 6-pack abs look great, but I'm definitely a fan of function>aesthetics, but you can have both.

For the run, air these out.  Every 3 min, on the minute, run 400m.  The faster you run, the more rest you get.  Lots of sprints last week shifted our threshold points, so hopefully there will be some "Liquid Schwartz" in our tank we didn't know was there.  If you had to look that up, it's time to watch "Spaceballs" again.