A. Psoas mash, 1:00/side banded bully, 1:00/side

B. The Pizza Game:

Every athlete will hold an abmat overhead like a pizza, on their fist. At "3-2-1-GO!" the game begins with the objective being to try to knock over everyone else's pizza. There will be 3 x 1 minute rounds. The penalty if your abmat is knocked over is Round 1 - 10 hollow rocks, Round 2 - 10 air squats, Round 3 - 5 burpees

C. 10s hollow hang 10/10 adductor mobs KB BU OH walk, d&b 10 band pull-apart wall-facing squats 5/5 KB BU press 5/5/5 wrist rocks 10 goblet squats 10 hand pick ups or weight shifts in handstand hold 5 KB thrusters

D. 4 Tabata rounds (2:00 total) of medball slams


Thruster 3-3-3-3-3, building if possible

During rest periods, accumulate at least 10 (total, not each rest period) hard single pull-ups. Weight these if needed. Use as little band assistance as possible if on bands.


7 rounds: 12 thrusters (75/53) 9 T2B 200m run w/ (20/14) medball

*20:00 time cap*