A. foam roll as needed B. 20 jumping jacks 20 karate jacks 16 spiderman steps w/ hulk toss 16 lateral lunges 5-4-3-2-1 inchworm push ups or inchworm to plank 10 windmills 10 arm circles 10 arm pretzels 10 shoulder shrugs 10 wrist circles


15:00 to work on handstand skillwork - freestanding HS, HSPU, kipping HSPU, etc


With a continuous running clock, complete the following: 0:00 – 1k Row or 800m run 5:00 – 50 Burpees 10:00 – 30 Strict Pull-Ups 15:00 – 50 Wall Ball (20/14#) 20:00 – 30 Box Jump Up and Over (24/20″) 25:00 – 800m Row or 600m run

Should you finish one section before the beginning of the next, that time is yours to rest. So if you run 800m in 4:00, you rest 1:00 before beginning the burpees. If you are not done with a section, move on to the next one anyway. So if you're not through 50 burpees at the 10:00 mark, make a note of how many reps you finished and move on to pull-ups. Score is time that the last section is finished in,including the notes for any unfinished sections.