FullSizeRender 24Noon Class, working on consistency and pacing.  And Ron grinding on the Airdyne! Oh, and Kelly K was the only athlete to hit a perfect 100m on the row game- nice!

Today we had an opportunity to work on our rowing technique, for about 200 or so times! I saw some great pacing and refinement in technique, especially after removing the feet from the straps.  Tomorrow, we get another opportunity to dial in our KB swings.  Make sure it is a hinge, NOT a squat.  Go heavy, be consistent.  Open and Close, that's all you have to do for 7 rounds!

Workout of the Day

Skill: KB swing and variations


7 rounds 7 KBS 70/53# 7 burpees

Check out this video from StrongFirst on the KB swing.  All hip drive and breathing.  Heard that before?