Running is a skill. Notice how upright Neno is here, and how similar this position is to the hollow position that we look for in handstands and pull-ups. Everything is everything. CrossFit Total heats are now live on MindBody if you skip ahead a couple of weeks to Saturday, Nov. 22. There are currently 5 heats with a capacity of 5 people each. Get your spot early, especially if you need a specific time. If they all fill up, I'll definitely add more heats or increase the cap per heat. We'll order a bunch of gluten-free pizzas for your post-Total celebrations, and feel free to bring the beverage of your choice. You are definitely encouraged to hang around after or come early to cheer on the other heats. Bring a beverage that you think will assist you in that endeavor :)

In other news, more clusters tomorrow:



A. peanut to t-spine, 1:00 peanut to serratus, 1:00/side

B. 2 rounds: 10 scap push-ups 10s hollow hold 5/side single leg KB DLs 10 wrist rocks

C. 4:00 EMOM: 20-30s HS hold or attempts at freestanding HS


Press - 15:00 to find peak of 1


90% x 1 rep every 20s, for as many smooth, fast reps as possible. Rest 3:00. Repeat. Same as Monday's BS work. Stop when reps become slow or messy. The max number of reps you'll be allowed to do is 7. If you get all 7, add 5-10# for your second cluster. If you get 3 or less reps, go down 5-10#. If you get 4-6 reps, repeat that same weight.


3 rounds for quality:

3 skin the cats 3 strict pull-ups 10 hollow rocks 3/side single arm ring rows