Today is another day of speed strength work. As you did on Monday with your back squats, aim to keep each press as fast as possible. Think about the power and speed of a punch, and attempt to "punch" each rep vertically through the ceiling. Reps should be instantaneous. This is also a good time to practice resetting at the top of each press and being very fast out of the bottom. DO NOT RIP YOUR HANDS on pull-ups today. We'll be testing 1RM pull-ups on Friday, so take care of your paws and keep them fresh. If you think you might rip, let your coach know - there's plenty of other options that we can give you that don't involve leaving your skin on a pull-up bar. Not sure how to take proper care of your hands? Read this.



A. foam roll lats, 1:00/side lax ball shoulders, 2:00/side

B. Animal Freeze tag, 2-3:00

C. 2 rounds: 10s hollow hold 5 scap push-ups 5-10s/side single arm hang KB BU OH walk on plank, D&B KB BU press 5/5 5 Russian KBS 5 American KBS


8:00 EMOM 2 strict presses @ 65-70% for speed



3 rounds:

400m run 21 KBS (53/35) 12 pull-ups