Anthony, our new part-time coach, teaches Nic and Neno about rope climbs. Those shirts



A. Foam roll or lax ball hamstrings and glutes, 3:00 total Try out the Brettzel and the Brettzel 2.0. Spend 1:00/side in the one that feels like more of a stretch for you.

B. 200m run

C. inchworms, down toy soldiers, back 6 glute bridges 6 Bulgarian goat bag swings. They're about as fun as they sound. 6 single arm KB deadlifts. 6 air squats


deadlift, 20:00 to work up to a peak of 3


4 rounds for time: Run 400m 25 air squats

Feeling adventurous? Up it to 50 air squats per round.

Also, if you guys are looking to go into this holiday season with a plan and some self control regarding diet and exercise, Cassie (my wife, for those who haven't met her) is currently getting a new cycle of people started for her program, 30 Days A Habit. A little bit more about what she does in her own words:

Thirty Days A Habit is all about meaningful goal-setting. It provides you with an opportunity to challenge your discipline and accountability with the support necessary to help you thrive. In the process, you’ll work to develop better nutritional and lifestyle habits as they relate to your own individual journey towards improved health, happiness, strength, performance, and body composition. Whether you’re looking for support with fat loss, mental toughness, stress reduction, mass gain, or just an overall lifestyle/attitude adjustment, this program is for you.

Thirty Days A Habit: Holiday Edition includes…

  • Two 45-min, 1-on-1 Sessions (one at the start of the program, one thirty-ish days later)

  • Measurements and Photos (optional)

  • SMART Goal-setting

  • Food log template and weekly nutrition check-ins

  • Nutrition action plan, based on individual goals

  • Custom supplement plan, created under the guidance of John Hicks, MD

  • Fitness program assessment/performance goal-setting

  • Environmental stress analysis

  • Weekly recipes

  • Accountability tool and weekly HabitTracker check-ins

  • Holiday cooking class + group meal with expert diet counselor, Betsy Hicks

  • Barrier identification and impact plan

  • Unlimited email communication that supports YOUR needs

The Holiday Edition is just $199 and begins at your convenience, no later than December 1, 2014. Space for the Holiday Edition is limited, so don’t delay!

To register for the program, please email with your name, the desired date of your first 1-on-1 session, though you’ll have some homework leading up to that session, and your reason for wanting to be a part of the program - in 20 words or less.

A bit about Cassie, in her own words:

I have spent the past six years on a continuous path of conscious reinvention. Several times now I have reinvented my body composition, physical fitness, relationships with food, definition of ‘sustainable’, addictions, and career. I have endlessly experimented with what it means to eat “clean” and be “fit” and have found that a holistic, performance-based approach to health and wellness resonates most deeply with me. As an entrepreneur, lawyer, and health professional, I’ve spent my career working with people and organizations - from municipal governments to high school athletes to professional sports leagues - to help them optimize their performance. My sport and fitness journey began in 2008 (literally - I had never played a sport) when I started training for my first triathlon. After a brief stint in endurance sports that included 17 triathlons, 6 half marathons and the 2011 Boston Marathon, I hung up my running shoes, choosing to focus on CrossFit and more recently, powerlifting.


If you're interested, shoot her an email!