FullSizeRender 4Ali, getting her first, second AND third strict pull up after the WOD today.  Outstanding work! Magic moments happen every day, and are witnessed by our fellow members and friends.  With hard work, support and consistency, anything can happen.  Today, just in the noon class, we saw Ali get her first few (of many to come!) pull ups, and May with her first double under AND she ran all 5 rounds.  The program works, from coaching to programming to consistency, and you all are the beneficiaries.  We as your coaches can't wait to see what your next magic moment will be.

Workout of the Day

Strength: A: Strict press 5-5-5-5


B: 3 rounds 15 HSPU 15 DL 225/155

(compare to Diane time, it's the same 45 reps!)