Back Squat

50% of 1 RM

2 reps EMOM for 10 Min

- Then -

Every 2 min for 12 Minutes

10 KB Swings

10 Box Jumps

10 Push Ups

Great work the past few weeks. Some big PRs and some great work on some benchmark WODs. Yesterday's workout focused more on bodyweight movement and skill. We're going to continue that trend for the rest of this week as it's a deload week. Deload weeks are programmed into your training to allow your body to recover from the training which preceded and is ahead of you. Strength is largely an adaptation of your Central Nervous System (CNS) and by programming in deload weeks we give your nervous system a break and try to avoid your progress from stalling or "plateauing". SO, the weight today may not be heavy but the bar better be moving FAST. Rate of force production is just as important as magnitude. We're going to make sure you have both.