IMG_5807Calling all Coaches. (Yes, that's all of you). We all have goals.  And when we are so close to achieving them, they can allude and even haunt us.  2 of our athletes, in particular, have been working incredibly hard towards crossing off some new skills.  Leigh and double unders and Ben on bar muscle ups.  Leigh has stayed after and worked on these and hit 3!  And I caught Ben on top of the bar after Today's Hero WOD!  So stoked for them to work so hard and achieve.  Hard work, studying and improving their fitness has led to this success.  Leigh now wants to string them together and has offered this bottle of Fireball to anyone who can help her string her double unders together.

What does this mean for all of us?  We're all coaches.  Whether we're using our experience in performing the movement or have studied the fine points and know exactly how to help another athlete achieve a goal or progress a skill, we can all help one another.  Learn, teach, coach, achieve.  We're a community, and we thrive on on the success of all our athletes. We all have something to give, and support is huge.  Get in the gym with a buddy, help them succeed and our whole gym will benefit.

Workout of the Day

Skill: kip/ butterfly practice



9 C2B

9 OHS 95/65


For those wanting review on the skills in the title pic (and if you want to win that bottle of Fireball):

Double Under Review

Bar Muscle Up Review