imagejpeg_0Coach Kyle getting some serious weight overhead in Kat's Strength Class last week. Strength class on Tuesday and Thursdays at 4:30pm with Coach Kat!  Find and develop strength you didn't know was there.  Clinics run through next week, then the first cycle will begin on Tue 9/1.  Front squats!  Get your Front Squats on tomorrow.

High skill day ahead!  We got bar muscle ups AND squat cleans, all after kicking it off with the snatch balance.  Big day at UP.  Bring your lifting shoes, mobile hips and awesome receiving positioning.

Learning.  It is all about learning and betterment all along the way.  Without learning and improving, what are we doing here?  Just moving around and getting sweaty is great, but doesn't allow the opportunity to refine, improve and progress skills.  Moving towards virtuosity take time, patience, repetition and practice.  Let's exercise all of these values, especially on a day like tomorrow!

Workout of the Day

Strength: Snatch balance 4-3-2-1


For Time:


Bar Muscle-ups

Squat cleans 155/105#

Long, but excellent video on bar muscle ups.  Take the time to learn and understand: