IMG_5376Boomsauce!  Sat 9am getting after it with partner barbell fun!  Eddie, getting crazy again.  And we all go along with it, happily. We've had a good week of workouts and visitors. Maybe it's the summer, maybe the weather, maybe it's the "Games Season."  Whatever it is, we like it!  The energy is contagious.  The workouts are shared struggle, bringing us all closer.  Looking around we see so much community, hard work, and excellent movement.  Let's keep it going, striving for betterment in all aspects of our lives.

Tomorrow is a great test, another one for the log book.  Sharpen your pencils, bring your oly shoes, and let's get after "Amanda."

Workout of the Day

Skill: muscle-up transitions/ snatch tech.


“Amanda” 9-7-5


Snatch 135/95#

Here's a video of CF Games competitor, Noah Olsen, performing Amanda.