IMG_4792Post Murph group all smiles (soreness hadn't set in yet).  Great community gathering for a great remembrance. Tackling a Hero WOD like Murph takes guts.  No matter what option you choose, scaled, full or adding a vest, mentally and physically it is a lot to bite off.  I saw some AMAZING effort, determination and everyone digging a little deeper.  Erin, Silvia and Neno completed the full Murph, with 20# vests (Erin and Silvia) or a 30# ruck (Neno) on the runs, and got through it.  Erin did it for a fallen family member, and this is exactly what it is all about.  She leaves it all on the table, every day, and doesn't let anything hold her back.  Others battled ripped hands, working through prior injury (working smartly around it:) ), busting out PRs on the run, or had other sacrifices to participate today, and I continued to be so proud and inspired by you all every day.  Thanks for being a part of our community at CF UP and we look forward to more growing, PRs and WODs together.

And I guess we can start tomorrow with another benchmark, Annie.


Workout of the Day

Power Clean 3-3-3



For Time:


Double Unders (Triple single unders if you don't have your doubles)

Sit Ups

Annie is named after one of our CF OGs, who continues to be a presence in the local and global CF community.  At 39, she participated in the California Regional this weekend placing 12 in the individual women's events, she is a stout competitor and one of the original "Nasty Girls."  This WOD pays tribute to her and is definitely one for the record books, write it down.

Here is an oldie but a goodie, the original "Nasty Girls" video.  This launched CrossFit and Annie, along with Eva T and Nicole Carol into CF superstar status.   Check it out!