Santa Cruz Workout - 32Sometimes the simplest implements, like the rings, can be the most challenging.  As we push our fitness across broad times and modal domains, let's not lose focus that an immediate goal should be to have mastery of movements using our own body weight.  We refer to this as "body-weight competence," with these skills falling under the gymnastic category.   Most of us didn't have much exposure to the rings in our athletic upbringing, so the learning curve can be  a bit steep.  We need a LOT of core and shoulder girdle control to pull off even a static hold in front support.  As "sexy" as the dynamic ring movements are, we need to demonstrate excellent control in our holds, which we'll practice today.  Got your holds?  Then we can work more on your transitions.  The Muscle Up is considered an amazing achievement in the CrossFit world, and it is- you'll never forget your first!  It's also a movement that inefficiencies will punish you when trying to link them together.  Strive for virtuosity! Workout of the Day 3.24.15

30 muscle-ups for time

Don't have your MU? Scaled starts here: 60 burpee-jumping pull-up-Hanging Knee Raise