paddysHappy St. Patrick's Day!  Where some of you might take tomorrow to practice other constantly varied past times, join us for a WOD to get your body ready to handle anything you're going to throw at it. Workout of the Day

Skill: Handstand progressions


AMRAP 12 min

10 Handstand Push Ups

20 air squats

30 situps

Let's get inverted BEFORE drinking, sound good?  For some of us, being inverted is hard enough.  For others, kicking up to a handstand is a feat, let along completing a HSPU.  This can take months to even years to get the requisite strength, stamina and comfort with, so let's work on those progressions today.  Challenge yourself to go one step further than you normally would.

Here is an article by CF Invictus on some drills to get more comfortable with the handstand position: