[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVjw44sll2s[/embed] Workout of the Day:

Skill: skin-the-cat


3 rounds for time

800m. run

21 pull-ups

12 Shoulder 2 Overhead 135/95#

Check out Eddie's video from his run at 15.2 this morning.  His midline is maintained, his depth is perfect, full hip opening at the top, and the bar stays right over his feet..... couldn't ask for a better example for this difficult, complex movement. So much mobility and stability needed to pull this off, and Eddie has it in spades.  Like many of us, he improved his score from last year and was stoked.

For tomorrow's WOD, back to a challenging triplet that includes a barbell.  Go hard and keep moving, gonna have to slug away at this one as it will take a while with the running and 21 pull ups.  We'll play on the rings for a little while first off to get comfortable even being inverted.  Don't think you can do a full skin the cat?  No worries, we'll keep your movement short.  Definitely have to spend some time on the rings in order to get comfortable up there.

Again, I want to express how excited and proud I am of our community and athletes.  You all have been training hard, getting in the gym consistently and pushing yourselves every time.  Make 2015 your year and thanks for letting us be a part of it!