Workout of the Day: 20 RM Back Squat


For time:

40 wall balls 20/14

40 pullups

Strength work today is about time under tension and volume.  We don't expect the load to be great, but even if it is 100#, 20 reps is 2000# of volume, so it adds up quickly.  Grease the groove and try to finish all 20 reps, then whatever you have left give it all to the wall balls.  You won't have to squat much the next few days; except to get out of your chair, your car, off the toilet..... never mind, this one might stick around for a while.

We'll spend ample time prepping your squat, don't you worry.  Question is: is it my ankles or hips that limit my depth?  Well, we did do that squat clinic a few weeks ago (yes, you should have gone, it was great, and you should go to all the clinics), and we'll be utilizing some of the tricks to flush out whether it is your ankles or hips and the tools to deal with it.  If your squat is unrestricted (yes, Lis, I'm talking about you), we can spend this time developing muscle activation in the bottom position.

Wanna geek out on hip vs ankle a little more?  Check this video from MWOD: