Workout of the Day 2.10.15 A.  1 set Max Pull ups


B: "Perfect 200"

4 rounds for time:

50 (perfect) air squats

400 m run *take time for squat therapy. Squat test w a pvc. Enforce form and consistency. RX is if all the air squats are unbroken (and full ROM of course).

Let's work to depth, unlock some new range, and practice (re-enforce) positioning every single rep.  How do we get our squat better?  Practice.  How do we get and keep new range? Get there often. Take a look at these points of performance and demo from CF HQ, make 'em all like this (and you may earn a bald head and 6-pack.  Or maybe not.....).

Remember, those legs are going to be a little wobbly the first few steps after the squats, so go easy out of the gates!